ciid graduation ceremony
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Dr. Dipu Moni
Minister of Education

of Education

Graduation Speech of our Chief Guest

Dear Graduating Students, congratulations on your incredible achievement, today is a day you can look back with such pride on all that you have accomplished. The challenges you have faced this past year in the battle with COVID-19 have been immense, and you are to be commended for how you have emerged from them.

You have worked arduously. You have not only added to your repertoire of knowledge but also contributed insight and knowledge to us. As you walk through the door of limitless possibilities Smile and Enjoy. I cannot think and wish you anything but success in your future endeavors. Stay well and inspired to do what you do best, make a difference, and innovate!

Good Luck!

Graduation Photoshoot

Happy Graduation and Congratulations, Graduates!

Take a stroll around the place you called home for the past few years and reminisce about the good old days or take your family for a tour around your beloved campus. Each one of us loved having you here. It’s safe to say capturing graduation memories was not as easy this year. But it could still be done, that’s what CIID believed in.

And eventually, CIID made it possible. We couldn’t be prouder of what all of you have accomplished, and we were so excited to capture this special moment!


Before venturing out into the real world, the time was to fully celebrate the accomplishment of graduating. Due to this pandemic, CIID had to rethink its graduation ceremony. As the students could not come, CIID brought the graduation ceremony to the students. In Spite of all the impediments, CIID made sure the graduation ceremony took place with all the safety measures in this pandemic.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

CIID's first-ever Virtual graduation ceremony

As the pandemic was still at its peak, CIID could not arrange the graduation ceremony on the campus. Rather, CIID took the initiative to conduct its’ first-ever graduation ceremony virtually. Everyone was skeptical but by the cooperation of all the team members, CIID was successful in making the graduation ceremony flawless and fascinating.

All in all, it was a proud moment for CIID to be able to host its’ first-ever graduation ceremony so successfully and with so many great people’s presence.