CIID-GRADUATION-Banner-2022 - Original
Molla Waheeduzzaman
Chairman, CIID


Graduation Speech of our Chief Guest

Dear Graduates,

It feels so good to see your happy smiles for the outstanding achievement you have accomplished this year. This is a proud moment to savor the glory of your success and celebrate your accomplishments with everyone.

Always take time to appreciate those who have contributed to your success. Remember the continuous support you have received from your family, teachers, classmates, and everyone else who made it possible for you to earn this remarkable achievement.

The degree from CIID gives you not only the ticket to a good life but also the ticket to make a difference to change the world. So, instead of waiting for an opportunity to knock, build a door. Never stop believing in yourself because the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams and work hard to earn those.

I trust in all of your abilities, and I firmly believe you will be determined to take on the new challenge of life and become successful in your future endeavors.

Thank you everyone for listening to me. Congratulations to our graduates, once again!

Graduation Photoshoot


High School Graduation is a unique experience. It brings an end to the beautiful journey of school days and opens the door to the future.

But it’s not easy to say goodbye to our beloved graduates who have been an indispensable part of CIID for the last few years. However, this occasion is special, and CIID tried to make it even more special by arranging a photoshoot event to capture some of the delightful moments.

Dear graduates of 2022, you will always be an inseparable part of CIID’s history.


Graduation gift is the perfect way of congratulating the graduates and acknowledging their success.

On the eve of CIID’s 2nd Graduation Ceremony, we arranged a gift package for each graduate to appreciate their achievement.

All your efforts over the years have successfully paid off. Our prayers and blessings will always be with you in the future.



The day for which we all had been waiting for!

It was Saturday, July 30th, 2022, when CIID arranged its 2nd ever graduation ceremony. The day was memorable in every aspect since it was the first time we successfully hosted the event in the presence of our dear students, their parents, and honorable guests.

Our heartiest congratulations to this year’s graduates who have achieved this remarkable milestone. Happy Graduation!!

Buffet Dinner

Our Graduation Ceremony ended with plenty of happy and sad feelings. But with all the graduation event surprises going on a special night, CIID made a Grand Buffet Dinner arrangement for all the respected guests, students, and guardians. We were extremely happy to see everyone at the ceremony enjoying the delicious items, after the fascinating event. 


Proud Parents

There are hardly any prouder feelings for parents than seeing their own children graduate from high school after years of hard work and determination. CIID is delighted to be part of that sweet journey.
We cordially thank the honorable parents who have trusted in us and chosen CIID as the ideal learning institute for the growth of their beloved children.