It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Canadian International Institute Dhaka (CIID) website.


Canadian International Institute Dhaka (CIID) delivers an academically rigorous high school curriculum from Grades 9 to 12 under the supervision and guidance of AVRO Academy.

CIID is a new face on the Dhaka education scene. It has been conceived and designed to appeal to students who want to improve skills in a planned strategic way in order to ensure success in the competitive world of overseas universities. This Canadian curriculum with courses was chosen to fit the entrance expectations of the universities worldwide looking for excellence. We are a Coed, English-medium- instruction, and day college offering a path to Graduation which is highly regarded as evidence of academic preparation by universities worldwide.

On November 26, 2018, Insight Institute of Learning signed an agreement with AVRO International and Canadian Education Council (AICEC) to establish an offshore college in Dhaka, which is named Canadian International Institute Dhaka (CIID).

Canadian International Institute Dhaka (CIID) offers an authentic, private world-class education experience, which is ranked among the top education systems in the world. We embrace a student-centered approach, creating an immersive learning environment that follows the internationally recognized Canadian Education Curriculum. This is complemented by a broad range of electives, sports and arts programs. At CIID, we shape self-directed learners and critical thinkers. Our students are global citizens who understand their role in effecting positive change in the world around them.

The content of the Canadian curriculum is similar to other systems and so is accepted by even the highest-ranked universities. What is different is the quality of the instruction provided and the assessment strategy which aims at full understanding by all. Assessment is, first of all, a sign that students read to adjust their goals and plans. Flexible reporting means students can grow their knowledge and skills in real-time and so improve final results.