What makes CIID distinctive?

  • Dedicated Canadian Certified Teachers
  • Excellent Location and Communication
  • Modern Curriculum and Resources
  • University Placement Services
  • Professional Guidance Counseling
  • After-school Support Provision
  • Smart Classroom for the First Time in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Computer & Science Lab with Modern Facilities
  • Online access to Class and Records
  • Student and Guardian Information App
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Graduate and Alumni Counseling
  • Global Exposure
  • Uses the Canadian Curriculum
  • Rich Library with Online Facilities
  • Prayer Room & Cafeteria
  • Indoor Sports Room
  • Wifi Facilities & CCTV Surveillance


Start Your Success With Us!

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CIID Vision

To create human capital in Bangladesh by expanding access to global, quality education.

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CIID Mission

To develop secondary and higher-secondary students’ ability to build a foundation of knowledge and skills that will ensure a solidly successful first year at a leading global university.

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Core values

We admire people who

  • understand that rights entail responsibilities
  • believe that each human being makes a better future for all by being honest and hopeful individually
  • inspire trust in others by sponsoring growth and success for all
  • know that the best tomorrow depends on learning from the best of the past